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Taking card payments has become a lot easier with Payooze. Explore our latest offer on reliable and secure card machines. You can accept credit cards and debit cards payment fast and seamlessly, including contactless pay.

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Fast And Reliable Card Machines
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Start taking card payments from your customer and increase your turnover. Choose from the range of card machines that meets your needs.

Portable Card Payments Machine

Receive payments from anywhere, such as shop floors or tables

  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use

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Mobile Card Payments Machine

No Wi-Fi connection, no problem

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and 3GB/4GB mobile data
  • Light and user-friendly

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Countertop Card Payments Machine

Face-to-face payments are made simple and stress-free.

  • Supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable
  • Setup does not need any rocket science

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Why Payooze?

Payooze strives hard to become the most merchant-friendly, secure, and sustainable card payments machine provider by promoting the transition of small businesses to the electronic payment system. Our strength includes:

  • Reliable product with customer-centric service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customised package based on your needs, so pay for what you use
  • Plug and play machine to start taking payment immediately
  • Quick and start forward application process
  • Receive payment next working day into your account
  • Technical support is available 7 days a week

Free To Set Up

No payment to set the terminal except when you require an engineer to do so.

Plug In And Go

Upon receipt of the Equipment, simply plug the machine in and use it straight away.

24/7 Tech Support

Our team has experienced support professionals looking forward to serving you 24/7, 365 days throughout the year (except the Christmas day).

Easy To Switch

If you switch from other providers, we will make your transition easy and simple.


Frequently Asked Question’s

Got a question? We could have your answer, below.

What is a card machine?

A card machine is a physical device that is equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) and EMV reader that enables merchants to accept payments from credit and debit cards, mobile walllets and NFC wearables. The main methods for payment acceptance via a card reader are Chip&PIN, contactless and magnetic stripe.

Why should I get a card machine?

Card machines offer a seamless payment acceptance and comply with high industry standards, which in turn, minimises the potential for fraudulent transactions. They have also become increasingly affordable, lead to fewer cash-related errors and offer customers better satisfaction through a hassle-free, safer and more hygienic payment experience and reduced waiting times at queues.

What is the best card machine for small business?

A small business needs a POS terminal that can accept all types of payments – contactless, Chip&PIN and magstripe, depending on the industry that you’re in and your unique needs. However, the myPOS Go portable card reader has proven time and again to be small but versatile, catering to most small merchants’ payment acceptance needs.

How to use a card machine?

First, you’ll have to input the payment amount in the card payment machine, your customer will then either insert, swipe or hover/tap the card over the device. The card information will be read and if there are sufficient funds in the customer’s account, the payment will be accepted and will be instantly transferred to your free merchant account.

You can print a paper receipt If your device is equipped with a printer, and if not, you can send a digital receipt to your customer via SMS or email.

Follow those steps to start using the myPOS merchant services:
Step 1. Sign up for the account and download the app
Step 2. Online identification using the app
Step 3. Merchant verification
Step 4. Connecting your mobile payment terminal and business card to the account
Step 5. You are now ready!