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Fast And Reliable Credit Card Machines
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Take secure and fast credit card payments within 3 days under your budget.

Reliable card machines are a must

  • If you take payments at the till, at the table or on the go, you can depend on our attractive yet reliable card machines. This way, you can pay your dues while travelling, at your tables, or from anywhere hassle-free using our secure portable and mobile card machines.
  • If you are looking for fast and seamless payments, go through our comprehensive list of card machines that let you pay with ease as per your preferences.

Explore our impressive card machines

  • Taking payments has become a lot easier with our reliable and secure card machines. The company accepts all credit cards, including contactless, and pays you the next working day.

Portable Credit Card Machine

Receive payments from anywhere, such as shop floors or tables

  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use

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Mobile Credit Card Machine

No Wi-Fi connection, no problem

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and 3GB/4GB mobile data
  • Light and user-friendly

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Countertop Credit Card Machine

Face-to-face payments made simple and stress-free

  • Supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable
  • Setup does not need any rocket science

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Which card machine should I choose for my business? -

As already discussed, our target customers include startups and small business owners. Therefore, we will provide our services to small businesses, such as restaurants, pubs, retail stores, hair and beauty salons, etc.

If you manage your own restaurants, hair and beauty salons, etc., you can go with portable card machines as they allow you to collect payments from your customers indoors and outdoors. Similarly, business owners managing their retail stores and cafes should select countertop card machines for till side payments that use ethernet cables and internet connections.

If you are a taxi driver, coffee seller, electrician, or plumber, you can consider using a mobile card machine that instantly lets you accept payments from your customers.

How much should I pay for a card machine? -

The card machine rental cost largely depends on the model, such as the countertop, portable, or mobile. Interestingly, you can easily set up the machine within three (3) days and sign up at no additional cost.

Apart from this, we can also integrate your credit card machine with your till without any cost for the sake of your convenience.